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About Us

ECO-DOG is founded on the commitment of using battery-electric equipment. With electric motors and batteries instead of engines and gasoline, our mowers and trimmers are simpler to operate and maintain. That means less unscheduled downtime, which translates to speedy and dependable service to our client base.

Pollution Reduction  

From fuel spills, to the use of oil and lubricants, gas-powered mowers and trimmers can have a negative impact on the environment despite their relatively small size.

On top of the chemical aspect, a type of pollution that people are often unaware of is noise pollution. Our battery-operated equipment is up to 30% quieter than their gas counterparts. That means we make less of a disturbance in the neighbourhood, and gives us an advantage of being able to offer our services both earlier in the mornings and later in the evenings.

Eco-Conscious vs Eco-Friendly

We currently operate ECO-DOG as an eco-conscious company. From our aforementioned use of battery-electric tools, to our paperless payments and e-receipts, we are doing our very best to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Why not use the more popular “eco-friendly” term? Our current vehicle to travel from client to client has a traditional internal combustion engine, and thus consumes gasoline and emits CO2 when in use. We are very hopeful that in the near future we can become more carbon-neutral and switch to either a hybrid or all-electric vehicle.